Occupied Territories


Written by Nancy Bannon and Mollye Maxner

Conceived and Directed by Mollye Maxner

Choreography by Kelly Maxner and Mollye Maxner

Created in collaboration with the company

In Association with Kicking Pig Productions


June 10-July 5, 2014

Anacostia Playhouse


Occupied Territories is the story of the complexity and persistence of memory, decades after war. With text sparked by Trojan Women, Occupied Territories exposes a world where a man must finally face his past, his God, his family. Highly physical, Occupied Territories tears away easy boundaries to question how bodies, minds, and souls are vast territories altered by our relentless history of War.


Creative Team

Direction Mollye Maxner
Choreography  Kelly Maxner & Mollye Maxner
Scenic Design Andrew Cohen
Lighting Design Kyle Grant
Costume Design Kelsey Hunt
Sound Design & Original Music  Mathew M. Nielson
Properties & Set Dressing Debra Crerie & Kay Rzasa


Jude Nancy Bannon
Helena Adrienne Nelson
Miles Elliott Bales
Lucky Freddie Bennett
Ace Desmond Bing
Cargo Stephen Horst
Alex Jake MacDevitt
Alverez Thony Mena
Collins Cody Robinson
Hawk Thomas Rowell
Harcourt Nathan Jan Yaffe

“The intimate, almost immersive nature of the staging drives home the play’s central theme: Collins, his Army mates and even Jude are trapped inside the machinery and consequences of war. The “occupied territories” of the title are measured not in square miles but in years and lives.”

-Celia Wren, The Washington Post


“Combining storytelling, flashbacks and dance, Occupied Territories sears the heart in its exploration of the cost of war and how it scars not just soldiers but future generations—particularly the women who deal with the aftermath, trying to make sense out of the irrational.”

-Jayne Blanchard, DC Theatre Scene


Moving, memorable, and mythic story

– John Stoltenberg, DC Metro Theater Arts