By Caridad Svich

Directed by Colin Hovde

September 4 – September 28, 2014


Three sisters living in the US are caught in the mess of a recent war’s aftermath. Spark explores what happens when soldiers come home, when women of little economic means must find a way to make do and carry on, and the strength, ultimately, of family. A contemporary US story of faith, love, war, trauma, and a bit of healing.

Creative Team
Director Colin Hovde
Stage Manager Charles Laskey
Scenic Designer Deborah Wheatley
Lighting Designer Martha Mountain
Costume Designer Kelsey Hunt
Sound Designer Thomas Sowers
 Props Designer  Kevin Laughon
Evelyn Glimord Sarah Strasser
Ali Glimord Alison Donnelly
Lexie Glimord Anna Lathrop
Hector Johnson Carlos Saldaña
Vaughn Addison Switzer

“Theater Alliance’s world premiere production of Spark, directed by Colin Hovde, ignites a bold, new, and crucial facet of theatre’s war stories, introducing the female soldier to the canon and examining the complex and trying ripple effects that stem from a warrior returned home.”

“Donnelly and Lathrop are spellbinding in their balance of strength and uncertainty.”

Jennifer Clements – DC Theater Scene

Theater Alliance “…has a talent for getting an audience to discuss the show they have just seen, which is becoming a lost art. When art is confined to the theater, it is easy to dismiss. When we carry it out into the world with us, dismissal becomes much harder.

You will carry Spark with you.”

Cyle Durkee – DC Metro Theater Arts

“Strasser, Donnelly and Lathrop are very believable in their respective roles and give multi-dimensional performances that demonstrate a solid understanding of their characters’ identities and why they might behave like they do.”

Jennifer Perry – Broadway World | Washington DC

“Performance wise we have a very strong cast. Anna Lathrop’s performance gets inside of Lexie’s head as she gives a vivid portrait of a soldier just back from war. You can tell she has been rattled even though she says she’s fine.”

Elliott Lanes – MD Theatre Guide