From Artistic Director Colin Hovde

Welcome to Season 12!

This is an exciting season of growth and new discoveries for Theater Alliance and for you. With a shift in location and in mission we are more focused than ever on developing new plays and producing quality stories. This season we will go on an impressive journey; beginning with Spark which explores the lives of our soldiers as they return from service and re-integrate into family and society; to the holiday classic Black Nativity that is so loved; exploring new work from local playwrights in Hothouse New Play Reading Series; going on a quest to understand our connection to our ancestors and how they shape our future in Dontrell, Who Kissed the Sea; then exploring the depths of our compassion and understanding of our soldiers from a very unique perspective in Occupied Territories.

We are excited to go on this wild ride to Uncharted Territories.

We hope you will enjoy the journey.


From Managing Director Elliott Bales

In number theory, twelve is a sublime number: a positive integer which has a perfect number of positive divisors. All of the world’s great mythologies and religions hold Twelve as a number of significance and relevance. It is fitting, therefore, that our Twelfth season is sublime, positive, significant and relevant. We are excited to bring these newly devised world premiere works to the stage in Anacostia, where we are committed to continue our development of DC Metro area playwrights and introducing exciting new theater. We remain dedicated to strengthening our ties with community and business leaders in this part of our great city, as well as enhancing the education and artistic expression of our neighborhood. We celebrate the past that brought us here, but our most positive, significant and relevant work lies in the uncharted lands before us. We are thrilled to have you join us on this grand adventure.

Individual tickets are not currently on sale for Season 12.  However you can purchase subscriptions at this link.


by Caridad Svich

Directed by Colin Hovde
September 4 – September 28, 2014
Anacostia Playhouse

Three sisters living in the US are caught in the mess of a recent war’s aftermath. Spark explores what happens when soldiers come home, when women of little economic means must find a way to make do and carry on, and the strength, ultimately, of family. A contemporary US story of faith, love, war, trauma, and a bit of healing.

Black Nativity
by Langston Hughes

Directed by Eric Ruffin
December 8, 2014 – January 4, 2015
Anacostia Playhouse

Langston Hughes’ retelling of the Christmas story from an Afro-centric perspective, infused with rich gospel, blues, funk, jazz music and dance with griot style story telling from an ensemble cast.

Dontrell, Who Kissed The Sea
by Nathan Davis

Directed by Timothy Douglas
May 6 – May 31, 2015
Anacostia Playhouse

This is Dontrell. Young, smart, talented, motivated. He has his whole life ahead of him, but there’s one small catch. Dontrell is on a quest to swim out into the Atlantic to discover his family’s past before he can move forward and begin the next phase of his life. With the help of Erika, a young lifeguard, Dontrell will begin his journey.

Occupied Territories
From Seneca’s TROJAN WOMEN
Adapted by Matthew Buckley Smith

Directed by Mollye Maxner
Choreography by Kelly Maxner
June 10 – July 5, 2015
Anacostia Playhouse

This is the story of soldiers living before us — the story of Seneca’s Trojan Women — and facing the breaks and cracks within themselves by the actions that war forces them to perpetrate. It exposes the world where God betrays Man, Man betrays Man…the breaking of belief. Occupied Territories blurs the lines between Man and Woman, victim and aggressor, and unleashes the heart of soldiers facing head on their actions upon others.

Hothouse New Play Reading Series

Kathleen Akerley, Bob Bartlett, Tearrance Chisholm, and Katherine Clair

February 2, 9, 16, 23, 2015

Over the course of Season 12 these four strong DC based voices will work with Theater Alliance on new plays, and you will get an inside look at the vibrant work coming from these playwrights.